Black Fungus Infection – Disease Symptoms, Fungal Cause, Treatment


Black Fungus Disease Infection Symptoms, Cause, Treatment and latest updates related to its connection to Coronavirus are discussed here. Mucormycosis is also simply known as Black Fungus Disease or Black Fungal Disease. If the disease is not given at the right time, then this disease can be more fatal. Some patients visiting hospitals in Delhi, Pune and Ahmedabad suffer from this disease.

Black Fungus Disease

At present, this disease is being considered separate from Corona. This Black Fungus Infection is presently seen more in patients suffering from Covid 19 with diseases like HIV / AIDS, uncontrolled diabetes, Mellitus cancer. This simple Fungus infection is seen in the initial stages, but its fatal results can be seen in a short time.

If you see Black Fungus Disease Symptoms, you should immediately contact an experienced doctor. You need to be careful to avoid this disease. You can suffer from this disease due to exposure to Fungal spores in the air. Due to not being cautious at the right time, these Fungus spores can go inside your body and damage the lungs. Between December and January in Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Delhi and Pune, patients with this disease started reporting.

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Black Fungus Covid 19

The number of patients reporting this disease in the hospital is higher than those who suffered from corona about 10–15 days ago. In about 2 months, 2 cases have been registered for this Black Fungal Infection, which attacks inside the ears, nose and throat. Out of which, in 11 cases, the patients had to lose one eye and 5 patients died.

In which most of the patients are suffering from diabetes. It has been about 14 days since these patients emerged from the corona, immediately after which they have been caught by this infection. The third wave of Corona is also supposed to come soon.

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Black Fungus Infection Symptoms

  • Black Fungus Symptoms mainly shows some common symptoms, including excessive runny nose.
  • You may feel swelling and pain in your eyes when you come in contact with the infection.
  • In some Black Fungal Infection Covid, eyelid loss and blurred vision have also been seen.
  • Dark spots can also be seen around the nose of the infected patient.
  • Some patients have also spoken about their eyesight being completely gone.

Doctors say that patients come to the hospital late considering these Symptoms as normal. Due to the spread of eye infarction, the eyes of some patients also had to be removed by surgery because the infection could spread to the brain through the eye.

In some cases, both the eyes of the patients had to be removed and the jaws of some of the more infected patients also had to be removed through oppression. It is mainly seen in Black Fungal Infection post covid patients.

Black Fungal Infection Causes

Black Fungus is present almost everywhere in our common life. It is usually produced automatically on rotting soil, plants, manure, and fruits and vegetables. This infection is ubiquitous as it can be seen commonly in Black Fungus air and soil. This infection has also been confirmed in the mucus of a healthy person.

Generally, patients who are prone to Black Fungus Infection are those who have recently got rid of the corona virus. You can get hold of it due to any common thing like soil and contracted air. This infection is seen more in patients with cancer or HIV / AIDS patients. Most of the patients are aged around 35 years of age in the normal age group. If you had a corona infection some time ago, you may be the next victim of Black Fungus Infection.

Black Fungal Disease Prevention

In Black Fungus Infection Prevention, you get your sugar level checked on time and try to keep it limited. Patients recovering from corona should be tested in time to keep their sugar right. To prevent this infection, the doctor should give injections of steroid to the patients on time.

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You will get a lot of help in preventing this infection if you get steroids. A diabetologist from Mumbai, Dr. According to Rahul Baxi, it is necessary to give the correct dose of steroids as soon as the patients are free from corona infection. He said this information in one of his interviews to BBC news channel.

Black Fungus Infection Treatment

This can be prevented if given Black Fungus Infection Treatment Drugs in time. Anti-Fungus intravenous injection is said to be effective in preventing this disease. The price of this medicine is said to be around 3500 rupees. According to the data, there has been a reduction of 99% in patients after the introduction of this drug. It is the only drug that is being prescribed as Black Fungus AntiFungus. How much dose of this medicine, when to take it, depends on the physical weakness of the patient.

Dr. According to Rahul Baxi, 800 diabetic Kovid-19 patients have been treated so far. Not one of these 800 patients had Fungus infection. You will need to stay connected with us for more information. For this, you have to allow our webpage notifications. You can write your questions in the comment section given below.



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