What will open in Green, Orange and Red Zone: Know what are Red, Orange and Green Zones – 2022


Friends, here we are telling you about the Green, Orange and Red zones, which things have been banned in these three zones and which things have been exempted, as you know the lock down was going to open on 3rd May but It has been extended for another 2 weeks because the havoc of Corona is not over yet. This lock down has increased for the third time hence it is being called Lock down 3.0. Many things have been banned in this lockdown zone and some exemptions have also been given, today we are telling you in detail about all these things.

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 What will open in the Green Zone?

Not much change has been made in the Green Zone in Lockdown 3.0, it has been given more relaxation than before and many restrictions have been abolished. Only the Green Zone will benefit from them. 

  • Buses will continue to run, only up to 50% of the passengers can be accommodated in the bus. 
  • The services which were available earlier in the Green Zone will be continued even further.
  • Only those works which have been banned across the country will remain closed. 
  • In the Green Zone too, social distancing will have to be taken care of, staying at a distance of 6 feet from each other.
  • There will be no additional restrictions and if no new corona positive case comes in the last 21 days, then that area will remain a green zone.
  • Shops of paan gutkha, liquor etc. can be opened in the Green Zone.

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What will be open in the Orange Zone – Lockdown Zone

Many restrictions have been removed in Lock Down 3.0, as some restrictions have been removed in Green Zone, similarly people living in Orange Zone will get some relaxation in Lockdown Zone . are the following

  • Two rides will be allowed on the bike. 
  • Apart from the driver, two rides can also be taken on a four wheeler. 
  • Paan gutkha liquor shops will remain open in Orange Zone. 
  • The service of Uber, Ola, Taxi will also be started, in which one more ride can sit in addition to the driver. 
  • The services on which there is no separate restriction will be considered open throughout the country.

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What will be open in the Red Zone

Some restrictions have been removed in the Red Zone as well. Earlier, there was more restriction in the Red Zone in Lok Down 2.0, but in Lok Down 3.0, many restrictions have been removed in the Red Zone as well. Telling you below.

  • Only one person can ride on a two wheeler.
  • Apart from the driver, one more passenger will be able to sit on the four wheeler.
  • Medical stores and raw material manufacturing institutions will remain open.
  • There will be no restriction on the sale of general items.
  • Government and private hospitals will remain open.

What is Containment Zone?

Those areas of the Orange Zone are included in the Containment Zone, in which the infection of corona spreads very rapidly. will have to download. There will be a ban on the arrival of outsiders in the Containment John, the supply of essential commodities will be continued and medical service will be continued, apart from this the supply of essential items of food and drink will continue.

Which services will be completely closed in the lockdown zone?

Many services will be completely closed in Lock Down 3.0. In which air travel, train, metro, inter-state transport, religious and social programs, schools, colleges, gyms, cinema halls, hotels, shopping malls etc. will remain closed.

Some special guidelines of the lockdown zone

  • Curfew will be in force from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm.
  • Children, old people, sick and pregnant women have been instructed to stay at home.
  • There is a strict ban on barber shops cannot be opened in any zone.
  • Liquor and paan gutka shops will open only in Green and Orange zones.

So friends, we told you here that what services will remain open in Green, Orange and Red zones in Lok Down 3.0 and what services will remain closed, hope you have understood all the guidelines of Lock Down 3.0 .


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