West Bengal Marriage Registration: ఆన్లైన్ దరఖాస్తు చేసుకోండి, పాఠశాల విద్య పూర్తయిన తర్వాత & దీని తర్వాత హర్యానా రేషన్ కార్డ్ జాబితా మీ ముందు తెరవబడుతుంది. ఈ విధంగా మీరు మీ పేరును చూడవచ్చు –2022

WB Marriage Registration | West Bengal Marriage Apply Online | West Bengal Marriage Application Form

Law Department Register General of Marriages, మీ జిల్లాను ఎంచుకోండి issues Marriage registration certificate in the state of West Bengal to the newly wedded couple. For marriage registration, you can apply online through rgmwb.gov.in website. The online application procedure is available in this article in detail along with the eligibility conditions, documents required detail and much other significant information. If you desired to apply for the marriage registration, collect the information from here first.

West Bengal Marriage Registration Act

Couples can apply for registration under The Hindu Marriage Act 1955, The Special Marriage Act 1954, The Indian Christen Marriage Act 1872, and The Parsi Marriage & Divorce Act 1936. The Hindu marriage act is applicable to all person who is a Hindu by religion in any of its forms or developments, including a Virashaiva, a Lingayat, or a follower of the Brahmo, Prarthana or Arya Samaj, who is Buddhist, Jaina, or Sikh by religion, who is not a Muslim, Christian, Parsi or Jew by religion. Indian Christen Marriage Act is for the people who belong to the Christian community. Parsi Marriage & Divorce Act is applicable to the Parsi community people. On other people’s Special Marriage Act is applicable.

Overview of West Bengal Marriage Registration

Name of the departmentLaw Department Register General of Marriages
IssuedMarriage registration certificate
Issued inపశ్చిమ బెంగాల్
Issued toWedded couples
అప్లికేషన్ మోడ్డీలర్ లైసెన్సింగ్ వివరాలను వీక్షించండి
వర్గంState government scheme
లాక్డౌన్ కాలం నుండి నెలరోజుల చొప్పున రూhttp://rgmwb.gov.in/

Eligibility Conditions

  • Age of the bride is must more than 18 years and groom is 21 సంవత్సరాలు
  • Neither party has more than one spouse at the time of marriage
  •  At the time of marriage, neither party is incapable of giving a valid consent
  • Degrees of the prohibited relationship must not present within the parties and not sapindas of each other unless the custom or usage governing each of them permits of a marriagebetween the two

Significant Documents

  • ఆధార్ కార్డ్
  • ఈ పథకంలో ఆరు వేర్వేరు దశలు ఉన్నందున అభ్యర్థులు నిర్దిష్ట దశలో అవసరానికి అనుగుణంగా పత్రాలను అందించాలి
  • Copy of invitation Card
  • Permanent Address Proof
  • Photograph of Bride and Groom
  • Present Address Proof
  • Signature of Bride and Groom

Application fee

పెన్షన్ పథకం కింద పెన్షన్ మొత్తం రూRegistration Fee
లోపల 2 Months of WeddingRs.200
తర్వాత 2 Month of Weddingరూ. 400

Apply online for West Bengal Marriage Registration

మొదటి అడుగు

West Bengal Marriage Registrati
  • The first part of the form will appear where you have to enter Details of husband (Groom) such as name, తండ్రి పేరు, పుట్టిన తేది, ఈ కొత్త పేజీలో మీరు డిస్ట్రిబ్యూటర్ లైసెన్సింగ్ వివరాలను చూడవచ్చు, ” తర్వాతి పేజీలో, phone number, religion, nationality, Aadhar number etc. and upload the documents of the groom
  • Then go to the second part of the form which is details of the wife (bride) such as name, తండ్రి పేరు, పుట్టిన తేది, ఈ కొత్త పేజీలో మీరు డిస్ట్రిబ్యూటర్ లైసెన్సింగ్ వివరాలను చూడవచ్చు, ” తర్వాతి పేజీలో, phone number, religion, nationality, Aadhar number etc. and upload the documents of the bride

రెండవ దశ

  • Now go to the third part of the form detail of social marriage such as location of social marriage, date of social marriage and marriage invitation card
  • Now go to the fourth part of the form detail of children (it is not a mandatory field you can skip this information if not have)
  • Then choose marriage registrar by Groom’s address or Bride’s address option
  • Marriage registrar detail appears on the screen choose one of them and select marriage officer type, జిల్లా, sub-district, work area, హోమ్‌పేజీలో మీరు PDS లైసెన్సింగ్‌పై క్లిక్ చేయాలి, police station and gram panchayat

Third Step

  • Now go to the last stage of the application form where you need to enter detail of registration, select registration location “office of the marriage officer” or “outside the office of the marriage officer (within his/ her jurisdiction)”
  • Then enter premises name & number and street/locality name, జిల్లా, sub-district, work area, హోమ్‌పేజీలో మీరు PDS లైసెన్సింగ్‌పై క్లిక్ చేయాలి, police station, గ్రామ పంచాయితీ, village and post office
  • Then select within office hours of the marriage officer” or “beyond office hours of the marriage officer”
  • Enter the code and click submit option and remember to take print out of it before submission for further use

Procedure to Raise Objection

  • To raise an objection, దరఖాస్తుదారుడి ఆస్తి అంతకు మించి ఉండకూడదుfficial website
  • From home page search service option
  • Select the“objection”సంబంధిత రేషన్ అధికారి కార్యాలయంలో సమర్పించండి
  • The application form will appear on the screen
  • Enter the details as detailed below in the form
    • Application number
    • ” తర్వాతి పేజీలో
    • Relation with applicant
    • మీరు ఈ ఫారమ్ యొక్క ప్రింటవుట్ తీసుకోవాలి
    • మీరు ఈ ఫారమ్ యొక్క ప్రింటవుట్ తీసుకోవాలి
    • తపాలా చిరునామా
    • Objection reason
    • Upload Signature
    • క్యాప్చా కోడ్
  • Submit the application form after filling all the details by click “submit” option

Procedure to File Request for Change of Marriage Officer

West Bengal Marriage Registration
  • Enter application no., date of birth of bride & groom, the reason for change request and captcha code
  • Hit submit option to submit your request application.

Objection Reasons

  • Has been subject to recurrent attacks of insanity or epilepsy
  • An Applicant is not capable of giving a valid consent to it in consequence of unsoundness of mind
  • At the time of marriage, anyone of the Applicants already has a spouse living
  • The male has not completed the age of twenty-one years and the female the age of eighteen years
  • The Applicants are within the degrees of prohibited relationship
  • Bride or groom has been suffering from mental disorder of such a kind or to such an extent as to be unfit for marriage and the procreation of children
  • Where the marriage is solemnized in the state of Jammu and Kashmir, both Applicants are citizens of India domiciled in the territories to which this Act extends

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