Vehicle scrappage policy 2021 -PDF, Details, benefits, rules and more

Prime Minister Narendra Modi Vehicle Scrappage Policy 2021 PDF is available to download below. Here you can check Commercial Automobile Policy 2021 PDF, Two Wheeler Scrappage Scheme, Scrap Price for Activa, Nova, Cars such as Alto, Maruti 800, Swift, Dzire and all other cars. you can scroll down to check Vehicle Scrappage Policy latest news.

Vehicle Scrap Policy 2021 PDF Details

Today PM Modi Inaugurated latest Vehicle Scrappage policy which will help in the sustainable development of India. As we all know about the harmful effects of emissions by old vehicles which lead to severe pollution. This policy is already effective in Delhi and the National Capital region by the orders of the Supreme Court. In this Vehicle Scrappage Policy 2021 PDF all the unfit vehicles running on roads are to be bring out and they will be converted to scrap with the latest scientific developments. In addition, the owner of a car or vehicle will be given incentive in order to bring that vehicle out of Indian Car Fleets. Below we have information on policy details, environmental benefits and purpose of national vehicle scrappage policy.

Latest Vehicle Scrappage Policy 2021 PDF

Name of PolicyVehicle Scrappage Policy 2021
Inaugurated by Hon’ble PM Sh Narendra Modi
Started in YearAugust 2021
PurposeTo bring out the Unfit Vehicles from Roads of India
No of Cars getting affectMore than One Crore Cars will be affected by this decision
Criteria of declaring UnfitFitness test will be done across centers in India
Incentive4-5% of Showroom Price and Refund of 25% RTO Amount

Purpose of Vehicle Scrappage Policy 2021

Purpose of Vehicle Scrappage Policy is being discussed below in points from where you can gather all the information about Vehicle Scrappage Policy 2021.

  • This Policy aims to bring out unfit vehicles from roads of India.
  • It aims to reduce harmful effects of emissions by old and unfit Vehicles whether they are private or commercial.
  • TVehicle Scrappage Policy 2021 will include all types of vehicles like Passenger, Commercial and Taxi purpose vehicles also.
  • New start ups will come up to implement this policy in the Investors Summit of Gujarat.
  • It aims to bring sustainable development in India.
  • Vehicles will be discarded in a very nature friendly and scientific way.

Environmental Benefits of Vehicle Scrappage Policy 2021 PDF Details

There are many Environmental benefits of Vehicle Scrapping Policy and you can check some of the major environmental benefits of Vehicle Scrappage Police 2021. 

  • In this Vehicle Scrappage Policy 2021 all the unfit vehicles in India will be converted to scrap in a very scientific way.
  • Owners of Vehicle will be given incentive in the form of cash incentive which will be 5-6% Value of Showroom Price.
  • In the Investor Summit being held in Gujarat, many start ups will come up to setup Scrapyard to convert unfit vehicles into scrap.
  • This will lead to very less emissions of harmful gases like carbon Monoxide.

Incentive Program Under Vehicle Scrappage Policy 2021

Incentive Program under Vehicle Scrappage Policy 2021 will be that the owner will be given cash incentive. This incentive will differ as per the Showroom price of Car, it varies from 4-5% of Showroom price of Car. If we talk about Maruti Suzuki Swift then the incentive for this Vehicle will be upto 1,00,000 including rebate of RTO fees also. This is the finest initiative by the Government of India to discard Unfit Vehicles from Indian roads.

This will encourage people to discard their old cars and opt for new cars with incentives which will be given by the Government in lieu of discard vehicles. Commercial vehicles will also be under the radar of this Vehicle Scrappage Policy 2021 PDF and they also have to undergo the fitness test which will be conducted by the Government. See the points below for benefits of Vehicle Scrappage Policy 2021.

  • 4-5% Showroom price will be given as cash return.
  • Tax rebate will also be given upto 25% for new vehicle  registration.
  • Showrooms and dealers will also give discounts on showing scrappage certificates of Old Vehicles.

Alto, Dzire, Santro, Polo Vehicle Scrappage Policy 2021

Name of Model or MakeCash Incentive + Rebates (In Rs)
Maruti Suzuki AltoRs 40,000/-
Maruti Suzuki Swift DzireRs 1,10,000/-
Hyundai SantroRs 50,000/-
Hyundai AccentRs 60,000/-
Toyota Corolla AltisRs 1,50,000/-
Mahindra VeritoRs 70,000/-
Volkswagen PoloRs 1,00,000/-
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You can see various models and makes above for which incentive will be offered and we also have details on cash incentive you can get upon discarding your vehicle.

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FAQs About Vehicle Scrappage Policy 2021 PDF

What is the official website to check Vehicle Scrappage Policy Details?

We have made a table above for all the related information, apart from this you can visit and check all the details about Vehicle Scrappage Policy.Will I get a certificate of discarding my Vehicle under Vehicle Scrappage Policy 2021?

Yes you will get a certificate to get incentives under Vehicle Scrappage Policy 2021 PDF for Authorized Vehicle Scrappage Facility (AVSF).What are perks offered in lieu of discarding old vehicles under Vehicle Scrappage Policy 2021 PDF ?

You will get cash benefits of upto 5-6% Value of showroom price, RTO Fees 25% Off and Discounts from dealer of car upon showing discard certificate.

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